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Car Alarms

Vehicle Security

So you’ve got the latest, greatest stereo system with all the bells and whistles. You come out of your house one day to find out you HAD one of the latest and greatest stereo systems. You’ve been the victim of a good old smash and grab theft.

Factory Security?

We know, we hear it almost every day… “I don’t need an alarm; my car came with one factory.”  What most of those systems are is simply a theft deterrent for the entire vehicle.  Most just keep it from being “hotwired” and stolen. In reality they don’t give the interior contents of your vehicle any protection at all! Someone could smash your window out, take your precious belonging, and walk away without the factory alarm doing anything!

Vehicle Security Experts

Don’t become another statistic! Let Sunbeam Auto Toys professionally install a vehicle security system from Compustar or Viper.  We will protect all the key break in points, and we even have models that will alert you when someone is tampering with your vehicle!  The security system is only as good as the installation quality behind it.  The experts technicians at Sunbeam Auto Toys will protect your vehicle it’s contents and give you the peace of mind that you deserve! Let us know your main security concerns and needs, and we’ll be happy to give you some options!


Replacement Remotes?

We also are able to service or get replacement alarm and keyless remotes, so if you have a system and just need a new remote, we can help!


If you would like to learn more about the vehicle security options offered at Sunbeam Auto Toys, please stop in, give us a call or Contact Us today!

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