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Commercial  Window  Tinting

Sunbeam Auto Toys offers a wide range of tinting services, including one of their flagship services; commercial window tinting. Tinting the windows of your commercial building protects occupants from heat and glare and reduces harmful UV rays by up to 99.9%. You wouldn’t know it, but harmful UV rays are linked to workplace eye strain, daytime fatigue, and even allergies. Tinted windows can help reduce these annoying and yet common workplace ailments.

Commercial window tinting also reduces annoying glare and removes up to 79% of the heat normally transferred through an un-tinted window. This translates into substantial heating and cooling savings in both summer and winter. UV rays can also be harmful to furniture, artwork, and window treatments all of which can be protected by a tinted window. An added bonus of tinted windows is increased privacy—passersby simply can’t see in. Sunbeam Auto Toys uses only the highest quality products .

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